DOWNLOAD MP3: Keche – Today (Prod. Forqzy)

Keche Today MP3 Download

Keche Today MP3 Download

Keche Today MP3 Download – Spotting from the Ghanian Music Duo Keche sparkles out with brand new tagged Today.

He extremely works well on this as none was ever expected to out shine this jam this very moment.

The tape got an outstanding Mixing and Mastering by the dope sound engineer Forqzy.

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Keche Today
@Scardi baba says:
Thanks blood dawdzkid mr nkum
@Scardi baba says:
Thanks much
@Scardi baba says:
Thanks much fam
@Scardi BABA says:
Thanks blood
@Scardi baba says:
Thanks to you all FAM
@ says:
Dj ab is a multi talented musician he sing and rap as well
@ says:
Wow lovely
@Dawzkid Mr Nkum (kaka 1$t $0n) says:
dis song is dope.expression of love .scardibaba Next rated blood
@Nya versatile says:
Kem i very impress with this song,when there's love harmony and peace comes
@Am killerhadi from Daura says:
Thanks alot big broth wish you all the best in everything
@Legacy Prince says:
It's not his fault that some people dont understand Hausa.
@falana Olashile bahd guy says:
I like this song I check my body for this song
@ says:
sai ogan mu`dj abba kai babbane wallahi
@luck bitrus says:
b.o.c is everything not only model
@Rilshotz says:
I was there, I listen to good music n I enjoy every bit of it. God bless kaymoni for us. sandii u r a gift. congratulations
@Ammar Ibrahim says:
Fantastic song
@kakus jnr says:
@Muktar Mahmud says:
Hot jam🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@Sa'adu says:
Sss@43269 com
@Ben says:
Lol. Trending only on your itune account
@Godwin Bright says:
like you all
@Abson says:
Nice song I can't hold my self
@johnsavge says:
mad one boss🔥🔥
@isah xavson makarfhy says:
Best rapper among d rappers we have in Arewa is Dj AB
@yusuf says:
Allah ya qara basira
@FAHAD says:
@One time says:
Lallai kaidin babane took barinamaka ea kaima ibkaga fans naka said kamusu ea
@FBR says:
@Ahmedhalilu says:
nice one dj ab din ko inama ai subabane
@Debbie says:
Nice jam❤
@Ahmad Yusuf Ismail says:
we do respect sir I do u with d all of my hearth l love u more than l love my self nt4 ft ibadah
@Josh kushi says:
Nice jam...keet it up..🙏
@Ahmad says:
ko ina sai dana duba ba kamar ka !! thanks ab we are proud of u
@N t 4 2019 says:
N t 4 2019
@Bra Absolution De Power says:
i love de track
@MyK says:
King KG and UK Insomniax's Kai-Gama. Double K. Both Poets and Rappers.
@M Adam says:
@Dawzkid Mr Nkum( Kaka 1st son) says:
Bro we are going somewere. Dis song is next rated.more energy.bro.
@NeXceZz says:
Omo this song is a banger More grace to my gees Happy birthday somidal Hausaboyswag❤ Samsyl❤ one love
@abba__rafael says:
much luv bro
@Musa bashir says:
Allah ya bar mana kai Babban yaya
@Real Attajiri says:
Babban Yaya gakaninka anan wallahi inan mugun yinka
@ says:
Lovely names but is any of the parent from Indian
@Charles says:
What a rubbish post. Yes we are happy for them. But step up bro. No be every thing u go dey carry as news.
@ says:
Thank you sir
@Abba says:
Dj A.b is a talented singer with time u will see Dj A.b feat eminem Insha Allah
@Player real bh boy says:
Dj 2nx
@your instagrm friend nass b moriki says:
Allah yakara basira
@ says:
baban yaya Allah yakara basira
@ says:
baban yaya Allah yakara basira
@ says:
Allah inayinka abba
@ says:
Very nice song Ab
dj ab your working hard to make your fans happy keep up
@DaddySofly says:
BabbanYaya Mai Qanne
@Pharm stevo says:
Nice one, prime planet is going places and we r solidly behind u guys. God bless
@Prince Legacy says:
More Life, More Wins Boss!
@Rhapsodi Affos Blog says:
This is really great. I'm happy to see them reunite. Congratulations to the new kings and Queens
@Itz abdulhadeejr says:
Super bazz
@Sadeeq says:
Living lengend
@Itz Ameer sadeeq says:
Inayinka an says:
Good Broo
@Sky says:
Nice one DJ Ab
@jamilu says:
Allah qara basira dj
@Youngtoff says:
My condolences to the people of Zimbabwe
@Andy Bature says:
He's indeed a model in the making, no doubt about it!
@team wag entertainment do ay says:
@zaksberry says:
Deezell is wrong even in baruwanmu B.o.c do bulala to him he see boc moving forward that is why he don't want see his progressing
@MyK says:
The Amazing KoBo and the magical Kankyi Gangba.
@Best p says:
It so very nice
@man from Kamba says:
best the best
@Elisha A.K.A Jaman says:
Keep it up @Zrota go and manifest ur talent in a move advanced environment like Jos, Lagos and believe me sky will be ur limit.
@mohd waya says:
Write your comment here...Allah ya kara basira
@Download Song says:
Hello there! Have been following you guys in all my music and album. Thanks for the work. Please try and update new songs in other genre of music
@Khalifa Yareema says:
Yes ,he will be among the top rappers Or even surpass them cause he gat the talent , his voice is so magical and i think with the help of empawa he will be the best rapper in the north surpassing ice prince and M I , in shaa Allah. And remember this verse : BA TSAFI BANE I WAS BORN WITH IT 🙌🔥❤️
@Abdullahi Mansur says:
Yes of course DJ Ab will be even the next year top rapper in Naija and also as time flies he will become the way MI, Vector and Co are. Is all about time by God grace!
@Amara ohaji says:
Nice one👍
@Fre says:
I love this song
@Bio says:
This Crayon has got much talent
@Asap ama Joel says:
Nice jam...thumbs up man...k.s ludos
well done! i like it
@Kodeman says:
wow nice one
@Franzee says:
Mennnnn I really love this track and the video is nice and kul.
@sabiru Danjuma ayuba says:
snop g. you gat that fearless determination... don't quit my nigga.
@Youngtoff says:
Finally here 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻
@el says:
Comment:wow, nice project. Am a fan.
@Ugochukwu Sunday says:
I love this song like seriously
@Oluwayimika says:
I love this song, especially the message it conveys. It's not your typical anyhow song. Thank you guys so much for this piece.
@Ngandoh walter banlav says:
Great and exceptional melody. The beatings are amazing and exceptional, quite different with a captivative spirit. It Pierce the heart of the listeners. It's distinct. The wordings are cleared and speak sense which can impacts society positively. God Almighty be in control.
@Larhmieey_flourish says:
The jam is a hit💕💕💕
@Youngtoff says:
This Ghanaian artistes be releasing songs like sperm 😂
@Youngtoff says:
Why you no go love the jam 😂
@Youngtoff says:
Look colorful, we wait on it
@Enemuo favour stella says:
I love the song so motivating and entertaining too.. I just downloaded mine and listened to it.. The vibe is real ayo(lyncayo) keep it up I support your dreams.. God bless
@Stones says:
Mad jam 🔥🔥
@Wilydollar says:
Great one there
@Gidzimatic101 says:
Dope jamz.on repeat.
@Boywhizz/iceffizy says:
Thanks man 🤞🏾🖤
@Kingdope says:
Kip it up bro
@Gorgor says:
I can't wait to download this mp3 where my earpieces dey 🏃
@Yungtoni says:
Nice one boss We keeping it real Killing it back to back
@Timothy says:
Hausa Best cypher ever
@@ibilenation says:
She knows what she is doing. She will surely get there.
@Mayor says:
Awesome look there.
@Hauwa says:
This is rubbish. I just pity her for taking and showing off such pictures
@Vickie says:
Its touching! I love the sound keep it up
@Vickie says:
I love it 😍❤️
@Lisa Dave says:
Bomb this jam na hit chia eribaba kill us with your warri punch lines.
@Hansidy says:
Babe keep it up, we strongly with u.
@NeXceZz says:
Nice one faith j
@Youngtoff says:
This Faith J no wan dey take am slow... Lady be giving them trouble nonstop.
@Njofue says:
@Idriss says:
Le délire de l'année
@Alfred young says:
Rapcharger on dz...
@Johnde cool says:
Nice one my gee, Akwa Ibom finest
@Moses says:
Wow that work is magnificent. Young gifted. doing great.
@Ismail says:
New North Is The Album
@Babawo Eric says:
sweet jambz from my broda. more grace blood
@Benjamin says:
This is bursting my brain bro. I keep dancing to this non stop. Best mixtape I've heard so far this year
@Youngtoff says:
Liverpool 1 - 4 Barcelona
@Zadok says:
Liverpool 3 Barcelona 1
@Hakeem says:
Liverpool 2-1 Barcelona 09011737094


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