Deezell Deletes His Wife’s Photos And Unfollowed Her On Instagram [Read More]


Deezell Deleted All Jiddah’s Photos And Unfollowed Her

The Nigerian hot notch Ibrahim Rufai well known as Deezell recently deleted all of his wife’s photos, Jiddah and he even go further onto unfollowing her handle on Instagram. This issue got lots of his fans onto fulminating about the occurring of the incident.


Deezell and Jiddah are known to be one of the best inspiring couples so many people look upto and they are the first Northern couple that strikes the internet hard, their styles and unlimited romantic feelings for each other got the audience amazed in such a way some are even cloning their pattern. Not so long ago, the couples went to Dubai for their Honeymoon celebration which was a whole family journey take off alongside his Manager, Dj Ab and Bebeji, they extremely rocked each of their moments there and they even shoot the video of their forthcoming single Banaji which was a collaboration with DJ Ab.

Though the main reason why he deleted her photos and unfollowed her is yet to be revealed but surely something might have gone heavily wrong because he can’t just take down those amiable photos of him and gorgeous Jiddah for no reason to an extend unfollowing her. He gets on to deleting the images after revealing his inner unforgettable feelings that it was the worse day in his life.

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We wish to pray for them and May Almighty protect them!!.

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