Exclusive Chat With Queen “Floxy Nwaka” About The Upcoming Nelas Academy Awards

Queen Floxy Nwaka The Nelas Academy Awards

Queen Floxy Nwaka The Nelas Academy Awards

The Nelas Academy Awards are bold and upright for the next edition coming real soon as they tend to feature Big Names in the Nollywood Industry both in and out of the country.

As we get to know more about the heavy influential project we came across an Interview quoted towards the Nigerians A List Celebrity who has gone so deep in the Entertainment Grind Queen Floxy Nwaka. It was called upon her to be the Women Organizer which its quite a clean post to please and moderate the up and coming actresses.
Seeing such mindblowing conversation we hereby make it public for yall to access and know the main deal situated in the 14th Nelas Academy Award.

Below Is The Interview With Floxy Nwaka

With your wealth of knowledge, how do you think the entertainment sector can
further be improved?
Entertainment sector can further improve with enabling environment provided by the
Government and also collaboration among local and international artists, producers and
promoters from different countries and background.

What steps are you taking to influence the younger generations in this sector?
As a well known entertainer here in Nürnberg Germany, I have always used my position to
influence the young ones through the kind of music I produce, mostly gospel which preaches
peace, tolerance, and hard work.

How can Nigerians in Diaspora take advantage of Nollywood to promote our culture
in the international community?
I was crowned as Queen Floxy of Nürnberg by great Igbo Union in Nürnberg Germany, in Dec
2017 because of my love and contributions for the African culture in Europe, and as the women
leader here in Nürnberg Germany, I have always used my position to influence the promotion of
oneness among the Nigerian women in the whole of Germany and other European countries
which is why I was appointed the women organizer of the just-concluded second Ndigbo new
yam cultural festival 2019 held at Nürnberg Germany on 17th of August 2019 where the
Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu was billed to deliver a keynote address.

 Senator Ike Ekweremadu was billed to deliver a keynote address?
Yes, but he couldn’t make it into the arena because of some unfortunate incident that happened
outside the arena when he arrived. Even though I was performing inside the arena when Senator
Ike Ekweremadu arrived,
Which group do you think are responsible for the incident and why?
I would rather prefer not to comment on that, but I think that the incident happened at the wrong
place and on the wrong person entirely and I hope that whatsoever that transpired would be
resolved amicably..

Do we have enough support for women in the industry and what can be done to
encourage more participation of women in this sector?
Well based on the kind of movie we shot here in Europe and the kind of music I produce,
majority of our fans and supporters are Blacks and Africans living in Europe, and by the grace of
God I am one of the busiest Black entertainers in the whole of Germany, these are as a result of
the kind of support I get.

We noticed that you ll be coming to Nigeria in October?
Yes for the 14 th Nelas Academy Awards in Abuja..
What is the Nelas award all about?
The Nelas Academy awards which means the Nollywood Excellence and Leadership Awards,
organized by the president of the Nelas Academy comrade Frank Ikegwuonu has been in
existence for 13 years, this is their 14th edition.
The Award is a Pan-African academic, sociopolitical, sociocultural, socioeconomic, leadership,
and entrepreneurship award ceremony dedicated to the top 100 that distinguished themselves in
various fields of endeavor.

What would you use the award to achieve?
The fact that I was listed in The Nelas Top 100 Influential personalities by the Nelas Academy
awards organization, and also been nominated for the prestigious award alongside Hon. Kenneth
Gbandi, the Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora organization Europe, Mayor Victoria Obaze,
Dr. Malcom Benson president of the United Kingdom producers Guild, Florence Okonkwo
(Queen of the Red Carpets UK), Davido, Wizkid, Regina Daniels, Burna Boy, Adesegun
SMADE Adeosun, Dr. Pauline Long, Hollywood Star Winston Ellis, Adams Richards from
Bollywood and several other personalities coming to Abuja from around the world, I believe that
my social and professional status will be celebrated not only in Nigeria and Germany but all round
the world.

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