Letter From The Prison – Say No To Drugs Campaign

Letter From The Prison


My name is Ado. I am an orphan, I never get to know who my father was before he died. I was told by my late mother that my father died of tuberculosis when I was 4months old on earth, my mother died 12 years later leaving me and my only sister.


I grew up on the street, struggling to live likewise my sister who loves me so much, just like my late mother she will always say “Stay away from bad guys, stay away from drugs”, I listened to them but lost it at age of 29 when I finally got admission to study public admin in the polytechnic.


I meant those bad guys my sister and late mum use to warn me about, i mingle with “Last Don, Too Soft, Tinna and Ronke” , these guys are drug addicts. I went clubbing with them instead of staying at home to study, I meant a lady named “Becky” and she took more of my time than I used to have for the things of God.


My world came crashing, when my first semester result was out, I had 6 carry overs?, I rushed home to drink the remaining garri I have but found my land lord waiting for me with my loads outside, he had given me two months extra already and was not willing to listen to my stories of “I will pay, I will pay”, I parked to my sisters house and decides to go see Becky to help cool my nerves….
Damnnnnn, another guy was eating (f*vking) my Becky like amala and ewendu?


I got mad and took into drugs to forget about my #challenges and have confidence like Too Soft and Last Don advice me to.

I become a drug addict and with no money, I got into robbery too so as to raise money for my drugs, weed, syrup and lots more.


Last don and Too soft raped farida (a teenager who loves to visit student compounds to help them wash their dishes, clothes and so on for money). Farida report the sad incident to the proper authority and when it was time to arrest the rapist , the authority found only me at home cause I was so high that I couldn’t run while others all ran away at the sight of Farida and the army.


I got into drugs because I wanted to forget the #Challenges of life but today here I am in Prison, I lost my freedom, I lost peace of mind, am locked up in a cage for life, for my mistakes of refusing to #SayNoToDrugs.

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Scripted by Abel Ugada
Directed by Dickson Giftedhands
Produced by Andy Bature


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