Ozee Unleashes “Swaga Man Freestyle” In Anticipation To “No Noise EP”

Ozee Unleashes Swaga Man Freestyle In Anticipation To No Noise EP

Ozee Unleashes Swaga Man Freestyle In Anticipation To No Noise EP

The Dan Nassarawa prolific afro-pop star Ozee is in superb terms tending to be on a firing freestyle manner as he outputs Swaga Man as a freestyle tip joint to be mesmerized before the gigantic No Noise EP.
The Officer with swag who blessed his fans with a tune as On Top on his birth date seems to be not satisfied giving the street anthems, Swaga Man was the title to the freestyle and all we got was a healthy banger to swift bad vibes off the lane.
Swaga Man Freestyle is a detailed rhyming song that entails all what the Officer with swag means and what it takes to be that officer with genuine swag.
His aims is to use his piece of creative talent in pivoting the dignity and hearings of Northern musical body.
On Top has certified the issue stating good law that No Noise EP is a ready-made greatness
enriched with bold hormones that can apply too much Joyful mood to his fans listening
globally, Ozee is at the top charts of Good Music, an A-List Artiste representing the
Northern badge the melodic way.
He is high of advantage to the zones counting around his jovial explicit freed colonies of rhyming heart touching bars which he render off-tune labeled as “Oyi Cover” that he sorted the beat from 2baba the African Princess Man instrumental.
Zero to hero imprints was the approach the Officer with valid swag tend to premiere any
moment from now.

Jahbwai was the sound engineer behind Swaga man Freestyle and its a quality sound meant to be heard globally.




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