Photos From Edimore JB’s M.O.T Album Listening Party

In all honesty there is progress and the hardworking ones are almost reaping the benefit of a befitting musical business and cultural representation of diligence and qualitative process involved with entertainment in the Federal Republic as a whole. Here in Taraba State, there has been an upsurge in the areas of artist representation, management and shaping of careers. People are starting to acknowledge the fact that entertainment is a window to keep the minds of the youth on a positive track and also provide for them economic and societal freedom.

Let’s begin with the name Mr Shalangwa AKA S DOLLAR, an entrepreneur, a visionary and a believer of dreams. After unveiling the recent label Iron Height Music which has seen the signing of a promising act, he was having a conglomerate which one of Taraba’s most passionate and ever improving sensation EDIMORE JB is an act to.
Two Fingers Entertainment has today brought to the awe of some of the prominent and experienced producers and few artists in the music scene to an Album Listening of Edimore JB which is titled M.O.T (MYSTERY OF TIME) and for sure it was a huge success and a step worthy of emulation by other labels and musical bodies in the state.

M.O.T is coming and you should better prepare for the taste of expertise and the transfer of beautiful and real emotions to a musical piece.

What is there to expect when the legendary producer NECSTA is in attendance and the likes of REAL J, JEHU, GENERAL BALI, MASTER PEACE and some artist such YERIMZ , SKYLITE and KANKYI GANGBA were spotted at the intimate listening.

It is really a bar set high and the outcome will be felt soon enough. The supporters of Edimore JB are urged to be calm and expect more of a life experience and a more refined sound.



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