See The Savage Reply Dj Ab’s Girlfriend Back Lashes On Whatsapp

Dj Ab s Girlfriend Back Lashes Him On Whatsapp

Dj Ab s Girlfriend Back Lashes Him On Whatsapp

The Nigerian big profile music export DJ Ab was backfired by his Girlfriend as he tries to throw her some diss shots on Whatsapp.


Haruna is a very playful person and he has been in a dissecting manner to every beat he comes across. The Jigger is on the throne trying to peak it up among the wider range of listenings to what “Hausa Hip Hop” could all be defined.

The Da So Samu Ne big boy recently shared a screenshot of his chats with his Boo Boo (Love Of His Life). And the Ke Da Ni crooner hit a hard short to his lover not knowing She was very ready to bounce back harder.

See The Chats Below

I was dissing B that her mouth looks like that train and this is what she said to me



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