Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

In the world of entertainment, there are lots of criteria that lead to success and not just being talented and consistent.

This list is compiled based on Northern Musicians only, and please we should forget whether they are single, married or in a relationship or whatever mischief they must have indulged in and focus on their fairy tale handsomeness, shall we?

10. Aimskid

Aimskid has been legally fusing his juicy vocals into the ears of so many and more of what attract people onto his stylish music is that he got enough sexy swag to get the ladies beating their chest in hilarious heartache.

Mr Abasu will never get off the game so far as good music and dope swag is concern.

9. ClassiQ

ClassiQ aka Captain Sama have been on top of the matter for so long as he mingles with uniqueness and makes sure whatever he touches gets extra flavor.

Well ClassiQ is not winning for just his vocals on air rather his mindblowing Outfits and Luxury wears gets him fit to the top.

New North EP still mingles on the radar.

8. Yerimz

Yerimz became one of the biggest act in Northern Nigeria right from his release of Dan Daba featuring B O C.

The Taraba Superstar is one ruggedly handsome dude who can not be left out of this list of most handsome artiste in the northern entertainment industry.

It was his perfection that gots him a feature with the Morocco Number 1 Disk Jockey Dj Naiky on a track “Girl Like You

7. Dj Abba

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

Dj Ab have been the man taking the slides of different platform charts for some moments now, songs as Yi Rawa featuring Yung6ix and Kumatu mostly to our sights are girls blazing these songs to the extremest fullest.

That doesn’t just happen because of his voice rather they love his looks and charisma which most of our artiste lack.

The Nigga Be Looking Good All Day.

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6. Joevan

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

This Handsome Bobo Joevan is an afro professional singer who found his fame in the northern entertainment industry, he started to be celebrated way back 2010.

The ruler freed his debut album Blessed Child Mixtape just fews weeks ago and all round we see beautiful ladies twerking and miming to his dope pieces.

5. Verse

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

This Handsome Swagalistic mafia keeps snatching peoples girlfriend all day with his romantic doings and he don’t even care to have dozens of girlfriends a day lol.

Verse aka Jtown Favorite stays smooth in the game right from his ripe sound Biri Da Wando which storms the city of Jos for dehm long time. We say the Nigga is on a 100 gear to fitness his grind in the game with both Vocals and Swags.

4. Kheengz

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

This enchanting, soft riding dude have done our entertainment industry so much well of which we lack words to say thank you.

The Aboki aka YFK rolls on pleasing weather since way back his ABU days and its of high counts the lyrical duo still saints perfect through his career.

Pedestal EP was his recent workout and its a project never to be slacked a dim forever.

3. Zayn Africa

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

Wow the Pencil Nose Guy Zayn Africa, OG with the very best RnB ascent ever known in the Northern entertainment industry.

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The charming act steals lots of attention from his sort of music & look which we see lots of his pictures inside beautiful girls phones.

We know Zayn got a very attractive voice but No his handsomeness is getting him there too.

2. Badman Bin Ladin

Top 10 Most Handsome Northern Artiste

Omo mehn this guy got almost all the girls in North, for real he got the charisma and soft looking character.

Having lot of songs like Legend, Se Je Je been bashed and grooved yet we say Badman for the girls because mostly his fans are all girls.

Why do you think they like him because of his Songs? lol They see a handsome tall Nigga and feel like uhm Badman We Love You.

1. DeezellTop 10 Most Handsome Northern ArtisteThe most blessed soul in the Northern entertainment industry we say is Deezell why? Listen the Nigga is so fresh, clean, full of handsomness which got Big Big Ladies out there pipping and sending him invites all day.

He is an actor, songwriter also a Poet who put changes to our mellow entertainment, with his song Aisha featuring Korede Bello which was followed up with an A-Class Visuals got the whole of North on a very dignified spot.

His spokenwords which came in few weeks was strictly about his mom, the title goes Mama.

North is happy and Proud to have you King Of Collaboration.

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