Upcoming Artistes: 5 Things To Make Your Bangers Stay Relevant

Upcoming Artiste

The greatest joy and fear of every upcoming artist is to blow and produce a song that will blow the minds of every listeners on the street.

Everybody wants to have that feeling of “oh that’s my song there ?” but the huge problem is that there is a big difference between Bangers and Hit songs.

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Can you as the Listener differentiate between a Banger & a Hit song?

Well, as we have a Bangers & Hit Songs it in terms of the music itself, we also have it among artists. Those Bangers are the “Artistes with one hit wonders” while the Hit songs are the “Consistent Artistes” in the game.

There are so many bangers roaming the street and every banger will surely fade with time, for example when you buy bangers (Knockouts) they will surely make some heavy noise as of that time but they tend to fade off within short period of time likewise artiste songs.

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You may produce over three mind blowing songs but still on still you might remain underground and not relevant.


We have seen the likes of Lyrical Dr Smith (Bula), Ozee (Zombie), Larabeey (Lokacina) struggling after dropping their first major bangers even though they are very much talented.

Why is this so?

Let’s swing into action…

1. You Must Be Creative Enough

There are artist who are not creative enough to stay long in the game because they can’t flow with the tides.

In the first instance they blow because at that point in time that was the tune and sound bursting people’s head but when it switch, they find it so much hard to change and in turns out to fade them away.

When we talk of creativity, all the elements that make up good music have to come into place both the sound, style, lyrics, and so on.

2. Don’t Try Hard To Convince The Crowd

The biggest problem after getting that big break is to not lose it afterwards and most artist try too hard to achieve that.

Instead of sticking with their style they jump into another ship because it is the one trending/working at that moment and then they fumble and get lost from the minds of their fans.

Artist like DJ Ab knows his strength and stick to it that’s why we still love him till date. I’m not saying its bad but it is always to early to change when you have not find your feet.

3. You Most Know Your Strength

Training is very important for every artist and that’s what most Nigerian artist lack.

They all think is all about going to the studio to make a song, music is more than that. If most artist know their strengths and weaknesses they will still be relevant today after getting their big break.

If you do well with Street song, stick to it. If your strength is doing song that Motivates people, go with it instead of switching to Party banging tune.

4. You Must Be Consistent

Artists make that big mistake of not doing an instant follow up song after hitting their first big song.

They get carried away when their major breakthrough song becomes very big that they get so lazy and pompous thinking the song will keep rocking for so long.

The sad truth is that the song grows more bigger and fans start expecting something more better in their next content but they majorly fail because of their laziness.

B O C Madaki gave us Harara, then Sadaka and then Kaya A Kasa, can you see that?

That should be the sequence and not what Lyrical Dr Smith did by giving us the Almighty Bula and then one wack song as a Follow up, Bros you go ruin down.

One thing I admire now about Artist like Dj Ab, Classiq, Morell and others is that they know their sound and after giving you a good song they give you another one.

Consistency is key in staying longer in the game ask Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and the rest they will tell you how they do it.

5. Poor Management

An artist is as good as the people managing him or her. Even big artist are running away from their host company because of poor management what more of up and coming artist.

If an artist is not properly manage, they will surely lose their relevance in the industry.

After getting that big break managements should know that featuring the big names in the industry will continue to keep that artist name and music relevant in the minds of listeners but they always fail to do this.

Kalito, Mickey D Viper, Verse are still making waves today because of good management.

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